100% HPE Sandisk ioMemory PX600 2.6TB HH/HL WI Workload Accelerator SSD PCIe FH

Sale price$1,059.00


This listing is for one HPE Sandisk FusionIO ioMemory PX600 2.6TB HHHL Write Intensive PCI-e AIC SSD

Updated to latest firmware from HPE (v8.9.9, driver 4.3.4. We also have driver 4.3.7) 

We can supply newest drivers/firmware on request for any OS (if available) upon request

These SSDs use HP/HPE firmware, although they can be used in any server/PC with PCI-e 3 x8 slot

Works in Gen7, Gen8 and Gen9, may also work in Gen10

Ships with full height bracket. 

Low profile bracket is also available upon request

100% write endurance remaining (32PB, 6.75 DWPD)

Please contact us with any questions

Thank you


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