Lenovo IBM 1.2TB 10K 12G SAS 2.5 HDD G3 Hard Drive x3550 x3650 x3850 M5 M6 X6

Sale price$123.00


Condition:   Used

MPN:  00WG701


This listing is for 1 (one) Lenovo IBM 1.2TB SAS 12Gb/s 10K hard drive

Please contact us with any questions

Thank you

Fits the following servers:
x3250 M6 (MT 3633)
x3250 M6 (MT 3943)
x3500 M5 (MT 5464)
x3550 M5 (MT 5463)
x3550 M5 (MT 8869)
x3650 M5 (MT 5462)
x3650 M5 (MT 8871)
x3850 X6/ x3950 X6 (MT 3837)
x3850 X6/x3950 X6 (MT 6241)
x3850 X6/x3950 X6(MT 6241)
x3850/x3950 X6 (MT 6241)
x240 M5
x880 X6
x280 X6

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