16x M620 M1000e v1.1 Dell E5-2650V2 1024GB 10G NIC 8F6NV XWKGY 210Y6 0XW5C X520.

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Dell PowerEdge M1000e blade server chassic with 16x M620 blade servers
Please contact us if custom config is desired, can be built to order - different servers, different CPUs, more or less RAM, storage etc
M1000e Chassis V1.1 
Flex address Plus Enabled
6x 3000W Titanuim PSUs
10GbE networking
4x PowerConnect switches
2x CMC
Rail kit is included
Power cords will be included for free if requested
Blade servers:
Dell PowerEdge M620
2x  Heatsinks 
2x Intel Xeon E5-2650 V2 CPUs
No Drives, no trays
Mezzanine Dual Port Network Adapter 10GbE 
bNDC Dual port network Adapter 10GbE 
Dual SD Card Module 210Y6
2x 2GB SD Cards 738M1
iDRAC Enterprise
vFlash 8GB SD Card 0XW5C



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