Dell R630 Two Xeon E5-2690 V4 64GB 2x 300GB 15K 2x 750w PSU H730 iD8 Ent.

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Dell PowerEdge R630 8-bay SFF 2.5" server
Please review the specifications below, may be different than what is shown in photos Chassis
1U Chassis with three LP PCI-e slots
 -- Bezel with key is not included - available for $20
 -- Rack mount rail kit is not included - available for $75
Two 750w Platinum EPP power supplies 94% Efficiency 
4 Port gigabit NIC RJ45 Copper 
NIC upgrades/downgrades are available, please inquire

2x Intel Xeon 14 Core E5-2690 V4 2.6GHz
CPU Upgrades/Downgrades are available, please inquire
2x Heatsinks 
64GB DDR4 Ram (Up to 1.5TB RAM, 24 slots on motherboard)
4x 16GB DDR4 Modules 2400MT/s

2x 300GB 15K SAS Dell drives
Additional drive configurations are available, please inquire (146GB and 300GB 15K, 600GB 10K and 15K SAS, 400, 480, 800GB, 1.6TB, 3.84TB SAS and SATA SSD)
DVD-Rom drive
PERC H730 1GB Cache RAID controller (0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60) with IT mode (non-raid/pass through) and BBU
PCI-e Risers
2 PCI-e risers (three PCI-e low profile slots):
  -- NG4V5 x16 full length slot
  -- VNF4C x16 and x8 full length (x16) slots 
iDRAC8 with Enterprise license
Additional Information
No OS, no COA
vFlash 8GB SD card is available for $15
Power cords will be included for free if requested - please specify length and type of plug on power side (5-15P or C14) that are needed.
Part numbers may be different due to manufacturer revisions, for reference only.
Parts and components can be added or removed, please contact me with any questions.
Ships via carrier of my choice unless prior arrangements are made.
For international shipping please contact me if a customized shipping quote is desired.


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