HPE P20422-B21 DL325 Gen10+ Megacell BBU Smart Battery Fan Kit Proliant G10+.

HPESKU: 128105544

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HPE DL325 Gen10 Additional Fan Kit
This kit is only for Gen10 PLUS DL325, will not work in Gen 10
New, factory sealed
As per HPE QuickSpecs:
HPE DL325 Gen10 Plus Additional Standard Fan Kit P20422-B21 
Notes: This is required if HPE 12W Smart Storage Battery is selected along with single 4LFF or 8SFF drive cage selection
HPE InfiniBand HPE InfiniBand HDR/Ethernet 200Gb 1-port QSFP56 PCIe4 x16 MCX653105A-HDAT Adapter P23664-B21 
HPE InfiniBand HDR100/Ethernet 100Gb 1-port QSFP56 PCIe4 x16 MCX653105A-ECAT Adapter P23665-B21
HPE InfiniBand HDR100/Ethernet 100Gb 2-port QSFP56 PCIe4 x16 MCX653106A-ECAT Adapter P23666-B21 
Notes: For a single drive cage, one HPE DL325 Gen10 Plus Additional Standard Fan Kit (P20422-B21) must be populated for each adaptor.


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