HPE DL360 Gen10+ Plus 2x Xeon 6354 36C 3GHz 64GB 10SFF MR416i-a 10x 2.4TB 10K.

HPESKU: 123110854

Sale price$13,329.00


CTO HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Plus 10 bay SFF server

This is factory configured CTO model, part number P28948-B21
Detailed list of part numbers is below

Further customization is available, please inquire

Warranty: 3-year parts, 3-year labor, 3-year onsite support with next business day response from HPE

1U Server
2x CPU platform
2x CPUs installed, additional CPU configs are available, please inquire
10 bays SFF (2.5") SATA/SAS

2x Intel Xeon Gold 6354 3.0 - 3.6GHz 18 core 39MB L3 205W installed
2x High Performance Heatsink installed
Additional CPU config is available

2x 32GB DDR4 Registered ECC 3200MHz Module (additional RAM configs are available)
32x RAM slots on motherboard
Up to 8TB of RAM per server

MegaRaid MR416i-a x16 lanes, 12Gb/s SAS/SATA/NVMe/HBA Tri-mode Controller/Adapter
Smart battery is installed
Alternative RAID adapters are available

10x HPE 2.4TB SAS 10K 12G with Basic Carrier 512e MV BC
Various sizes and types of alternative drives are available, please inquire

Dual Port 10/25Gbe SFP28 QL41232 NIC in OCP3 slot
Additional NICs are available

7 high performance hot swappable fans installed

PCI-e slots:
3x PCI-e 4.0 slots x16 (3x LP)
Additional PCI-e slots/risers are available, please inquire

Remote management / iLO5:
Advanced license is available, please inquire

2x 1600W FlexSlot Power supply installed

Rail kit:

Cable management arm:
Not included

3-year parts from HPE
3-year labor from HPE
3-year onsite support with next business day response from HPE


Detailed list of part:

P28948-B21 HPE DL360 Gen10+ 8SFF NC CTO Svr
P28948-B21#ABA DL360 Gen10 Plus 8SFF CTO Server
P36935-B21 INT Xeon-G 6354 CPU for HPE
P36935-B21#0D1 Factory Integrated
P40007-B21 HPE 32GB 1Rx4 PC4-3200AA-R Smart Kit
P40007-B21#0D1 Factory Integrated
P26427-B21 HPE DL360 Gen10+ 8SFF SAS/SATA BC BP Kit
P26427-B21#0D1 Factory integrated
P26435-B21 HPE DL360 Gen10+ 2SFF SAS/SATA BC Kit
P26435-B21#0D1 Factory integrated
P26471-B21 HPE DL36x Gen10+ LP Riser Kit
P26471-B21#0D1 Factory integrated
P01366-B21 HPE 96W Smart Stg Li-ion Batt 145mm Kit
P01366-B21#0D1 Factory Integrated
P26279-B21 Broadcom MR416i-a Cntrl for HPE Gen10+
P26279-B21#0D1 Factory Integrated
P10118-B21 HPE 10/25GbE 2P SFP28 QL41232 OCP3 Adptr
P10118-B21#0D1 Factory Integrated
P26477-B21 HPE DL36x Gen10+ High Perf Fan Kit
P26477-B21#0D1 Factory integrated
P38997-B21 HPE 1600W FS Plat Ht Plg LH Pwr Sply Kit
P38997-B21#0D1 HPE 1600W II FS Plat HtPlg Pwr Spply Kit
P55882-B21 HPE DL36x G10+ 8SFF SAS/SATA TM Cbl Kit
P55882-B21#0D1 Factory integrated
P55883-B21 HPE DL36x G10+ 2SFF SAS/SATA TM Cbl Kit
P55883-B21#0D1 Factory integrated
867998-B21 HPE 1U Gen10 Bezel Kit
867998-B21#0D1 Factory Integrated
875519-B21 HPE Bezel Lock Kit
875519-B21#0D1 Factory Integrated
P13771-B21 HPE Gen10 Plus TPM BR Module Kit
P13771-B21#0D1 Factory Integrated
P14604-B21 HPE Gen10+ Intrusion Detection Kit
P14604-B21#0D1 Factory Integrated
P26479-B21 HPE DL360 Gen10+ High Perf Heat Sink Kit
P26479-B21#0D1 Factory integrated
P26485-B21 HPE DL300 G10+ 1U SFF Easy Inst Rail Kit
P26485-B21#0D1 Factory integrated


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