IBM x3850 X6 Server 4x Xeon E7-8870 v4 256GB DDR4 RAM 2x 300GB 4x 900W Rails

IBMSKU: 114241873577

Sale price$2,748.00


This listing is for one Lenovo x3850 X6 Server
6241-AC1/ 6241-AC3 / 6241-PCD / 6241-PCC Workload Optimized Solution For SAP HANA

Please review configuration described below, may differ from photos

Custom config (CTO) is available, please inquire

Additional network adapters/HBA are available, please inquire (Dual port 10G-T, SFP+, dual, quad, FC 8Gbps) PCI-e and ML2
Missing some PCI-e blanks

No OS, no COA, No software licenses
Power cords will be included for free if requested - please specify length and type of plug on power side (5-15P or C14) that are needed.

Part numbers may be different due to manufacturer revisions, for reference only.
Parts and components can be added or removed, please contact me with any questions.


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