NEW Dell PowerEdge Delta CWPP4 R815 R810 R715 Precision R5500 Hot Swap Fan 419VC.

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Brand new Delta PFR0612UHEi 60x38 mm fan with Dell hot swap enclosure 0419VC.

Bulk packaging, various options are available, please read below and please contact me with any questions.

Manufacturer part number PFR0612UHE / Dell CWPP4 - A00

This is almost exactly the same as San Ace 60 Sanyo Denki 9GA0612P1K611 / Dell MY9JM - A00 (I have those also, please see my other listings)

This fan works on 12 V and draws 1.5 A while providing around 56.7 CFM as full blast at around 12500 rpm.

(Sanyo Denki version draws 0.95 A and provides around 53 CFM min (according to labels)

This listing is for fan with 4 pin proprietary Dell 4 pin PWM connector for Dell servers.

If you need a generic 4 pin connector please see my other listings, I have those as well.

Please take a look at photographs and if you have any questions please contact me.

This fan enclosure also works in PowerEdge R710, it uses slightly less current and flows a bit less air than stock R710 fans.


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