Solace PubSub+ 3560 Event Message Broker Appliance 6x 10GbE NAB TRB Cloud IoT.

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Solace PubSub+ 3560 Appliance

Device boots with default CLI credentials

Included blades:
1x TRB-000000-02-A Topic Routing Blade

1x NAB-0610EM-01-A Network Acceleration Blade

Specifications from Solace Systems:
Expansion Cards
Slots: 8
Field Serviceable: Yes
Control Plane: High Performance 

I/O Cards: 6x10GE
Enterprise/JMS: 30,000
IoT/Web/REST: 200,000

Non-Persistent (Direct) Messaging
Point to Point: 12M msgs/sec
with Fan-out: 30M msgs/sec
Throughput: 80 Gbps
Latency: 20 microseconds

Persistent (Guaranteed) Messaging
Point to Point: 620,000 msgs/sec
With Fan-out: 5,500,000 msgs/sec
Throughput: 9.5 Gbps
Queue: 10B, 6TB
Latency: 75 microseconds; 140k msgs/sec

LOC A-R2-2


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